Yes, You Can Get Your Kid’s Bedroom Redecorated In A Single Weekend.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Yup, it's totally doable, although you may not quite believe it yet. Luckily, with a bit of forward-thinking and planning, you can create a brand new and fun room for your little one to enjoy. Just keep reading for a detailed breakdown.

Create a schedule of work

Now, anyone that knows anything about construction and remodeling work will be familiar with this tool. In fact, in its purest form, a schedule of work is just a list of all the jobs that need to be completed. With the date, they need to be completed by alongside.

Of course, this will be invaluable for any job that needs to be completed over a short space of time. Primarily because it means you can get most of the work before the weekend, you choose to complete the project.

Book in a decorator

The next task to consider is getting some help with the painting of the walls in your kid's room. Yes, that's right, I'd go for paint rather than paper for several reasons. The first being that it is much quicker to do. While the second is that it is easier to change further along the line as well.

Of course, you will be busy attending to other tasks. Therefore it is best to find a handyman or another professional that can help you out with the actual task of painting. Something that will free you up to complete other outstanding jobs before the weekend is up.

Oh, don't forget to book them in for early Saturday morning, either. Then you can clear the room ready for painting on Friday night, and everything should be dry and ready to go by Sunday morning. Something that means you have an entire day to get all the new items arranged how you want them in your child's new room.

Measure, measure, and then measure again

A word of warning to the wise here, if you want to complete a room redecoration in a single day, then you need to get as much done beforehand as possible. Such as buying soft furnishings, furniture, and even ornaments and decorations.

What that means is it's vital that you very carefully measure the space you are working with and compare these with the measurements of what you are buying. Either online or in real life. Then you won't be subjecting yourself to any nasty surprises where things don't fit. This being a situation that can stop things in their tracks and can definitely prevent you from completing your child's room redecoration in a single weekend.

Sunday = Funday

Finally, be sure to set aside Sunday for the most fun. Yes, it is Sunday, where you get to actually put all the pieces of the room together and see what they look like for the first time.

Of course, your child will be desperate to spend the night in their brand new bedroom on Sunday too. Although, do make sure that it has been well ventilated or that you use non-toxic paint to ensure its safe for them to move into by Sunday evening!

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