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Ensuring A Healthy Home In Time For Fall

The days are starting to get shorter; the heat wave feels like it’s beginning to end, and many of us are looking forward to a cozy fall, watching the rain from our bedroom windows. However, that fall rain could come bursting into your home if you’re not careful. Make sure you check up on your home’s health to keep you snug and safe while the weather turns.

How healthy is your heating?

We’re all likely to start relying on our central heating more over the coming months, so it’s important to check that it’s up to the task. Investing in a regular HVAC maintenance visit can ensure that its working well, as well as efficiently. Otherwise, you might end up spending more on using an inefficient system or even have to fork out for repairs that you could have prevented with a simple check.

Keep your head up

The fall weather can get pretty tumultuous, with many areas seeing higher winds and heavier rain, not to mention the colder temperatures. Check with your local roof repair services and have them come out to inspect the roof. Any cracked, missing, or aging tiles could leave your roof wide open to further damage, which could increase the costs of repairs in future. The home’s harder to heat up, meaning higher energy bills, and moisture could infiltrate the attic if you’re not taking good care of your roof. An annual check is always a wise idea.

Don’t give the pests a way in

You might think your pest problems are over once summer is gone, but that’s not true. Some critters are even more likely to want a way into your home, protecting them from the harsher weather outside. Rodents are the biggest problem, but stink bugs, bed bugs, ants, and cockroaches are all likely invaders, and each of them bring health risks with them, as well, from contaminating food to clogging up your ventilation with dander and droppings that can cause or worsen respiratory issues like asthma. Look for the signs of pests in your home and call pest control when you need to.

Get your mind off the gutter

There’s likely to be more rain, which means your gutters will be working harder than ever. However, if they’re clogged up, that water is going to have to find a new place to go and, often, its next easiest route is finding vulnerability in the home to open up, leading to a real risk of damp and mold that can pose serious health threats. This is especially true if you have trees or other greenery nearby, which can be swept up and land in those gutters. Look to gutter cleaning services around you for an annual checkup.

The rain, wind, and cooler temps might be a nice reprieve from a particularly hot summer, but if you don’t make sure your home is healthy, it can make you wish you were out in the sun again. Take care of your home so it can take care of you.


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