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5 Home Repairs You Can Tackle Yourself

Owning your own home is a dream for many of us - we want a place we can put our heart and soul into, and enjoy making memories with family and friends. But the reality of owning a property is much more than just sunny evening barbecues and relaxing with the kids in the family room. It also takes a little commitment in order to keep your corner of the world running smoothly. Making occasional repairs is a must for any homeowner wishing to maintain their property and avoid simple issues turning into big, expensive ones through neglect. Luckily, the following repairs are all simple enough to make yourself. Even the most novice among us should be able to tackle these as part of a home maintenance schedule.

Refresh Your Paint

Keeping the interiors of your home freshly painted instantly makes it look smarter, and you can have a lot of fun changing up the shade occasionally. Nothing helps to maintain the appearance of a room like a clean coat of paint, and it's so simple to tackle yourself. Preparation is key to get the best possible finish, so start by unscrewing any fixtures or hardware in the way and taking down mirrors and pictures. Once you have a clean sweep, use a damp sponge to wash down the walls and rid them of any grease, dust or grime that will stop your paint adhering well to the walls. Tackle any minor dents or holes with a filler and then sand down with heavy-duty sandpaper to ensure a smooth finish. Apply a coat of paint primer to any sanded areas, and use decorators tape to mask off moldings, skirting boards etc. Then cover the floors in your drop cloths, load your roller and get going. In one morning, you could have a freshly painted living space!

Service Your HVAC

Maintaining your heating and air conditioning systems is a very necessary semi-annual task that can prevent the system breaking down entirely, plus when you keep these systems running efficiently, they can help to save money on your energy bills. Simply disconnect the power supply, remove the top of the unit (if you're unsure how to do this then search the model online), then remove any debris such as old leaves and dust build-up, and hose down from the inside out. Check all the parts and search ‘ac parts company near me’ for a local supplier for any replacements. Change your air filter, clean out the drain, screw the unit back together and replace.

Fix That Leaky Faucet

A leaking faucet is one of the most annoying and easily fixable household repairs. Use the shutoff valve to stop the water supply first, before unscrewing the faucet handle, remove the packing nut with pliers, unscrew the valve stem, take out the screw holding the washer in place, and insert your new replacement (use the make and model to find a new one). Reverse the steps above and you'll have a non-leaking tap.

Redo Caulking, Grout And Sealant

What one thing can make a tired bathroom and kitchen look fresh again? Well, replacing stained and old rubber sealant and tile grouting is a small step with a big impact, and prevents water damage. Simply use a sharp knife to carefully cut away the old sealant from around your bath or shower and use a caulking gun to apply new sealant - like icing a cake! A grouting pen can make your tile Grout bright and white again too.

Clear Your Gutters

Cleaning leaves and other blockages out of your guttering twice a year prevents water damage, and is easy to fix. Simply get a tall enough ladder, and preferably someone to hold it, a pair of rubber gloves and a bucket and clear away. Simple, effective, and can keep your home safe.


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