It’s about time that we started talking about all of the essentials that are going to be needed in the home this winter, because that time is fast approaching us. Depending on where you’re living right now, that winter weather might be with you sooner than you think, with England already feeling that chill. But even if you feel like it’s not the true winter weather yet, you should still be getting excited about the prospect of all of the winter home treats that you can put into your home. It’s no secret that the change in season means a change in our home. Gone are the days of endless sun, endless warmth, and a lighter filled home. Instead we go into cozy mode, and it’s one of the best things about the winter season. Getting back into your home, feeling the comfort ooze out of it, and be happy in the knowledge that you’re not going to have to leave the home again that night. So, we want to show you some of the winter home treats that you need to see, in the hope that you’ll be inspired to start preparing your home.

Warm & Cozy

Being warm and cozy is what we’re all going to try to achieve very soon, because there’s nothing worse than that cold bone feeling that winter brings. When you feel like you just can’t warm up no matter what you do, and you want nothing more than to be in bed the whole time. So, a natural way of being able to do this, is by creating a relaxing warm glow at night time. Sometimes just the color of the room is enough to bring that warm feeling to you! One idea that we think does this perfectly, is the warm ambiance of a Himalayan salt lamp. They’re becoming a craze at the minute, with them being known for their healing properties, and just being a great addition to any room. But that’s just one idea, we have many more that you could try. One of them is simply getting yourself a fur rug and throw for the living room, if you do not have one at the minute. You can usually get some really good deals on these, especially at this time of year just before the winter season truly starts. The fluffy rug for the floor means you’ve always got something warm and snugly to lie on, if you ever want to lie in front of the fire. For those of you who have laminate flooring, this is definitely an idea you need to utilize. The fluffy throw for the sofa just adds to the comfort factor ever more, as well as being a nice little accessory piece for the room.

Fixing Things Up

This is one that you definitely need to think about before all of that harsh weather comes. We no doubt can guess that many of you reading this will have a few things that you need to fix up, but you’ve been putting it off until now because there have been better things to put your money towards, such as a holiday whilst it’s still holiday season. But now it’s time to think about all of the things that you might need to fix up, such as problems with a garage door, problems with the roofing, broken lights, gates that won’t lock properly. We’ve listed just a few common problems that we think people might be having, it’s down to you to think about which of them applies to you. One really common problem is actually problems with the garage door not opening and closing properly, and Precision Garage Doors is just one company who can help you resolve that. Just a quick consultation and fix will mean you have more direct access and proper use out of your garage. Every other problem that you have with your home that might need fixing up can be solved by just contacting the right people, so think about what problem you might need to solve! You might also like to think about decor, and whether than in your home is ready for a refresh. Often people like to do it twice a year, when the winter is starting, and when summer is close.  Because the two often need contrasting colors, with the winter needing warmer tones, and the summer needing those bright tones!

Bedroom Essentials

Now to talk about the one that most of you will have been waiting for, those essentials that you need to think about for the bedroom that will be perfect for winter. We’ve got a few ideas for you, and first of all is the bedding. Fleece bedding is really popular at the minute, and you can get some high end brands who are selling fleece bedding for a fraction of the price that you might think it would be. It’s going to be such a great addition when those cold winter nights really come in, because nothing will be better than curling up under them! Another essential is definitely a throw to go with that. A throw in the bedroom is going to complete the room just as much as it did downstairs. It’s just that extra layer of something to wrap yourself up in. We also think that candles are a bedroom essential, and lamps if you don’t have them. Candles are the perfect way to create that warm glow, let off incredible smell, and just makes the room feel homely. The lamps are just an added extra in terms of light, so you’re not always relying on the big light!

Keeping Your Home Bright

Now on to talk about light a little bit more, because we know this is a hard one to get the balance right with. Sticking along the lines of the bedroom, you want to make sure that in the day, you’re letting in as much natural light as possible, and sticking to tones such as light grays and beige. They’re the perfect mix of light, yet warm and comfy colors that would be perfect for any room. Try and refrain from hiding away behind the curtains until the sun has actually gone down. The more natural light and sunlight that we absorb, the better!

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