The Benefits of Hardwood Floors

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

When it comes to making changes at home, the flooring is a key consideration. It’s one of those things that’s always there, and always visible, even if it doesn’t always seem particularly important. Your flooring makes up a large percentage of the surfaces in your rooms. Changing the flooring can make a big impression, often without people evening aware of it.

Of course, when it comes to flooring, it’s not all about how it looks. How it feels is also important. You walk on them all of the time, you want them to look good, but they should also feel nice under your feet.

For many years, Hardwood floors have been a popular choice. But why, what are the main benefits of wooden floors at home? What makes them a better choice than a soft, thick carpet that cushions your feet and keeps your home warm? Here’s a look at some of the benefits.

Hardwood is Long-Lasting

Hardwood floors can be exceptionally durable. They don’t rip or tear as carpet could, and they are very unlikely to stain. Wooden floors can be the ideal choice in areas of your home that get a lot of passing footfall, like your hallways and any rooms that you use a lot. Quality wooden floors can last for up to twenty-five years, even with normal use, and most people that replace them do it because they are ready for a change, not because their flooring is worn out.

It Looks Great

Wooden floors can look fantastic. They can make small rooms look bigger and more open, and they work well with all kinds of furniture. One of the main benefits is aesthetic, they look good, and they are unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

It’s Easy to Change Your Decor

When you’ve got carpet, you have to worry about how it will look if you ever want to redecorate a room or change a color scheme. Unless you’ve gone for neutral colors, you might need to lay new carpet every time you fancy a change. Wooden floor always looks good, no matter what other changes you make at home. And, if you get bored or want to add some texture, it couldn’t be easier to throw a rug down.

Wooden Floors are Easier to Clean

A significant benefit, especially if you have kids or pets who might have regular spills and make lots of mess, is that wooden flooring is easy to clean. You don’t need to vacuum every bit of mess, a cloth or dustpan and brush will often do. This also makes wooden floors a great choice in entrance ways and halls, where there might be a lot of dirt and leaves in autumn and winter.

They Can Improve the Air Quality

Wooden flooring is an easy way to improve the air quality of your home, which can help it to feel fresher and reduce symptoms of conditions such as asthma. When you’ve got carpet, bacteria and germs get trapped in the fibers and don’t just vacuum away. Wooden floors have no such problem.

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