Renovations That Would Make Your Home Winter-Proof For Years To Come

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Winter-proofing your home can be a stressful undertaking. And with spring on the horizon, it’s tempting to simply wait for the warm weather to return. However, for the sake of keeping your home protected and your family comfortable for many winters to come, it’s worth taking the time to get your property in shape. With the right renovations, you could create a sturdy abode that would be able to withstand cold winters for years or even decades. The better the renovation job, the fewer follow-up jobs you’ll need to do over the years. These are a few renovations that would make your home winter-proof for years to come.

Roof repairs.

Repairing your roof would be a smart renovation project to undertake if you want to make your home winter-proof for years to come. If the weather is bad, whether you’re dealing with heavy rainfall or snowfall, then any weak spots in your roof will be susceptible to damage. Leaks cause damp to find its way into your household, and that would create a very uncomfortable living environment. So, keep on top of roof repairs. That’s one of the 6 ways to prevent water damage this winter. Getting a professional inspection and paying for a professional repair job will help to get your roof back up to scratch.

Natural insulation.

The importance of repairing your roof was discussed in the first point. However, that wouldn’t just keep your home dry - it would also keep it warm. Heat rises, so your roof should be well-insulated if you want to keep your entire household warm. That applies to your entire property. Natural insulation is so important. You might have a great HVAC system, but what if that breaks down on a cold night? What if there’s a power outage? With a well-insulated home, those issues don’t have to concern you (as much). You should plug up any drafts to effectively trap heat in your household and keep the place warm. Draft excluders for doors, to give an example, would help.

Backup supplies.

The adverse weather conditions of winter can bring many unexpected problems for homeowners. On snowy days, in particular, issues such as unexpected power outages are even more difficult to resolve because maintenance teams might not be able to travel to your property if the roads are too icy. That’s why you should always have backup supplies in your house to prepare for delays when bad weather causes unforeseen household issues to arise.

It’s a good idea to have plenty of canned food on standby. Keep an eye on the expiry dates, of course. As canned goods come close to their best-before date, you could use them for your meals and replace them with fresh cans. It always helps to be prepared, so you should have a pantry with supplies to keep you ready for winter. You should also have torches, batteries, a first aid kit, and other emergency supplies ready for such occasions. If you’re without light and heating, it helps to have throws and blankets on hand, too.

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