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We all get bored with our home decor at some point. You might even wonder if you are tired of your whole house, and find yourself eagerly searching for new properties, largely ones that you could never afford, online. Don’t worry, though. You don’t have to pack up and move. Nor do you need to change your entire house and fully refurbish every room. Sometimes, you just need to make a few easy upgrades. 

We spend a lot of our time inside our houses. So it’s only natural that you’d sometimes get bored of it. But, chances are you've already put a lot of time and money into getting the house of your dreams to look precisely how you want it, you don’t want to be making massive changes on a whim. So, let’s take a look at some of those easy upgrades to refresh your home.


New Windows

New windows are on the more expensive side of the easy refresh options. But, if your windows are old and damaged, they can be well worth the expense. New windows can save you money on utility bills. They can improve your homes curb appeal, help you to get more natural light, and make your whole house look brighter and fresher. If you are looking for a bigger change, try French doors with blinds between the glass which can add some sophistication and style, as well as increasing those energy savings. 

Add Some Rugs

New carpet or flooring is a great way to change the appearance of a room. But, it can be costly and time-consuming and tends to be something that most of us avoid until it’s needed. Adding rugs can be an excellent alternative. A large area rug could cover a lot of your floor, adding color and comfort to your room. A smaller, high pile rug can add texture and make a room feel warmer. Rugs are great because you can quickly move them around to give yourself options when you feel bored. 

Change Your Wall Hangings

Painting is great. But, if you paint your walls a different color, you might also need to make changes to your soft furnishings, furniture, and accessories so that they match. It can become a busy and costly job. So, instead, make changes to what is on those walls. Original art is expensive, and once you’ve made a significant purchase, you’ll be reluctant to take it down. So, instead, frame some cheaper prints, posters, photographs, and craft work and hang those on your walls. Change them and move things around whenever you fancy. 

Change Cupboard Doors

A new kitchen could cost you a fortune once you’ve added in fitting chargers. But, new fronts for your cupboards are much cheaper and often equally effective. Even changing knobs and handles can make your room look different and move the focus. 

Add Lighting Options

If you’ve only got a large overhead light, you are very limited to the atmosphere that you create. Add lamps, candles, lanterns, and other forms of light, and you’ll have an easy way to change the mood in your rooms


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