5 Simple Home Upgrades That Are Totally Worth The Effort

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Let’s face it, some home upgrades are just not worth the upheaval, time and effort they need and leave you thinking ‘why did we even bother’ at the end of the day. Home renovations are expensive so whatever it is you choose to do, it’s important that you sit back and think if they were worth the effort when all the tools have been put away. So whether you’re looking to modernize or improve the sale ability of your home, here are 5 simple home upgrades that are totally worth the effort.

Installing skylights Unless you’re a vampire, you can really never have too much light in a home. Natural light improves the spaciousness of a room, makes you feel happier and can also reduce your energy bills by letting you keep the lights off for longer. If you want to focus your efforts, then two rooms to prioritize are the kitchen and your bathrooms but a skylight in the bedroom is also a nice touch and can make for some picturesque stargazing at night too.

Upgrading your taps An old bathroom suite can often be easily elevated by simply fitting new hardware such as taps, shower heads, and plugs. These simple changes can completely modernize a room at a fraction of the cost of a whole bathroom suite and you can probably fit the items yourself too. Check out stores such as Plumbersstock for all the products you could need for plumbing jobs around the house and you’ll save yourself hundreds on hiring out a contractor.

Modernizing your kitchen Of all the rooms in your home, the kitchen is the one that should be prioritized in any modernization attempt. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and for many people is also an area in which they spend a lot of time, especially when entertaining guests. Don’t hold back on upgrading your most-used appliances such as your fridge freezer, microwave, and oven and while you’re at it install some new kitchen cabinets and nifty gadgets too such as under-counter beverage centers and pull out pantries that help to make life easier.

Improving your flooring Ripping up old dirty carpets and replacing them with chic hardwood alternatives can take a home from OK to outstanding. We don’t often realize how much of an impact flooring can make to the look of a home but it is essentially one of the biggest features in a room and so when it comes to impact it really can’t be ignored. If hardwood is not your cup of tea then simply replacing worn carpets with fresh ones can make just as much of a difference.

Changing your light fittings Lampshades, chandeliers, and statement lighting fixtures are an easy way to upgrade, modernize and decorate a room with minimal effort and expense. If you want to go one further then a little rewire can enable you to add more lighting to your most used rooms and will also ensure that you have access to all the power sockets you need for all your gadgets and toys.

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