Zen Habits That Calm Your Daily Angst

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Most people are, unfortunately, rushed off their feet. As an adult, you’ve probably had that sinking feeling by the time Thursday rolls around (if not before) telling you that you’ve done too much. You’re exhausted, washed out, and have that gnawing feeling of anxiety. It’s not pleasant.

The problem is that you’ve got so much that you want to achieve. You can’t just take time out of life to sort your head. You’ve got to bring your A-game to every workday, business meeting, and social occasion.

So what’s the solution? Is there anything you can do to calm your daily angst?

It turns out that there is: develop zen habits.

Zen habits are a special kind of practice that helps you step outside of your fear, stress, panic, and anxiety and into a different state of being. It’s something that many of the world’s most successful people use to cope with the pressures of their positions. And it’s something that you can do too.

Take a look at these zen habits.

Zen Habit 1: Stop Eating Inflammatory Food

Inflammation isn’t just bad for your body; it can make you feel anxious and depressed too. Most of the inflammation we experience comes from harmful foods in our diet (or failing to eat enough healthy foods).

Problem foods include any kind of animal products, refined grains, sugar, and processed junk.

Want to feel better? Cut these foods from your diet immediately.

Zen Habit 2: Start Yoga

Many people would like you to believe that yoga is about exercise. It’s not. It’s more about meditation and focusing the mind. It helps to lower stress and, when you do it well, puts your brain into an entirely different brain wave pattern.

Zen Habit 3: Practice Gratitude

Life is tough, but we also need some perspective. Yes, the working day is hectic and stressful, but almost all of us have enough food, water, and social relationships to sustain us. That’s not something that the vast majority of humans have had throughout history. It’s our good fortune to live when we do.

Practicing gratitude is a habit that we all need to get into. It lowers cortisol and helps us feel better about our situation, no matter how dire it may seem.

Zen Habit 4: Be Purpose-Orientated

People often tell you that to have a fulfilling life; you need to follow your passions.

Sorry, bad move: following your passions probably won’t get you very far. It sounds good, but it is often incompatible with real achievement.

Having a purpose is a better approach. Purpose is where you define something that you want to achieve and then work backward from there. It could be anything, from cleaning up the plastic in the ocean to setting up a baking channel on YouTube.

Zen Habit 5: Have A Pre-Sleep Ritual

Sleep is vital to mental health. Just ask anyone who doesn’t get enough.

The trick to a good night’s sleep is to nail your bedtime ritual. Don’t work or eat two hours before going to bed and don’t allow any artificial light or screens in the bedroom.

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