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Personal Financial Coaching | New Service Offering | Edj Consulting Group

Over the years Edj Consulting Group has changed a lot. Starting out as a side hustle. Becoming the home for my mortgage industry program training, to now becoming the thriving, full service, boutique business development firm it is today. This company has changed with me. Grown along side me. It's been there through every adventure, change, life struggle, and blessing.

Edj Consulting was my first step as an independent finance professional. The revenue earned from this company paid for my young adult lifestyle, probably too many bar tabs, dinners out with friends, client's coffees and all the in-between. It's where I learned the value of hard work, commitment, and dedication. This company ignited my passion for an industry that didn't even serve women like me until increased momentum in the feminist movement during the 1970's. Now evolved over the years Edj Consulting Group is how I provide for my little family. A son who's hockey obsession challenges one of a professional player and a designer rescue dog who visits the salon more than I do. Being able to work freely, around my life, in an industry I am completely captivated by, while helping people in the process is pretty groovy.

Which is the reason I have launched my newest service offering. Personal Financial Coaching. I have worked with business owners on their business financials and profit growth for years and now I feel it's time to open my services up to the public. Working with people is what I love. Watching them succeed is what I enjoy. Many business owners not only struggle to manage their business finances, but their personal finances as well. "How much do I pay myself?" "I can pay for my personal expenses out of my business bank account, right?" "If my business made $160,000 last year what should my salary be?" "I want to buy a house but can I afford it?" So much goes into being a business owner, but honestly it's the personal stuff that gets lost in the bustle of a booming business.

y Encouraging me to take my decade of financial experience, skills, and my own personal lessons to financially enrich the lives of those in the program. My personal financial coaching isn't just for my current clients or exclusively for entrepreneurs. This service is inclusive to anyone who wants to learn how to save more, spend less, break emotional money bonds, generate real wealth, pay off debt and get on track to meet their personal financial goals. If this is something that is of interest to you feel free to reach out. My program is personalized to each and every individual and guaranteed to improve your personal money habits if you take action and implement the advise given.

More women and simply people in general need to become more proactive when it comes to their personal finances. Financial literacy isn't taught in school, for some reason I'll never know, but it's what will pave the path for your life, your family's lives, and the generations to come. Money creates a ripple effect like dropping a rock into a lake. It's up to YOU how far that ripple can go.

Emily D. Jett


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