So, if you have read my post: What is Mortgage Protection? Then you are more familiar with what mortgage protection is and why it's beneficial to borrowers and new home owners. With that being said if you also read: A Better Way to Market Mortgage Protection then you know why it is such a painful struggle when mortgage protection policies are solely being offered by insurance agents and brokers, months or even years after the initial mortgage loan transaction. That’s why I designed my method for Mortgage Loan Officers to present the benefits of mortgage protection plans right at the time borrowers want the coverage most. Borrowers are already going to be marketed this product from insurance lead generation companies. My method allows for the closing of the home loan and the mortgage protection policy to be one simple, painless as possible, transaction. All while boosting the income for the mortgage loan officer and providing additional value in the officer’s institution.

Loan officers already have a connection and the trust of the borrower. Borrowers give over their personal identity information, private earning reports, and a look into their past credit usage. Making loan officers the ideal candidate to present the benefits of mortgage protection policies. The borrowers will be more willing to take the advice of their trusted neighborhood mortgage adviser at the time they are already thinking of their home, mortgage payments, and budget. Plus, mortgage officers already have all, if not most, of the information needed for a mortgage protection policy application anyways. I have created a simple one sheet insert to be added to the pre-closing or closing documents. Opening up the perfect time for the mortgage officer to discuss the benefits of mortgage protection with the borrower. For more info on this topic or to book a training session for your institution please see the contact page and email emmmadawn@gmail.com 

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