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What Can We Do If We Don’t Get Along With Our Neighbors?

Part of what makes your living space a better home is the overall environment, not just the home you inhabit. Because if you live in a nice neighborhood, this makes everything a lot easier. But when we start to think about living in a neighborhood that exudes that warm, fuzzy feeling, we might find there are things that can take the shine off somewhat. A very good example would be the neighbors. If you've moved to a new place and it's your dream home, but the neighbors next door aren't sociable or even your type of people, it can feel a little bit demoralizing. As well as this, it may end up resulting in issues due to poor communication. But what can we do when we have issues with our neighbors?

Block Them Out

It doesn't sound like the best solution in the world, but if you think that they aren’t the type of people you would not like to fraternize with, perhaps putting up a barrier can make life easier, especially if you're trying to keep conversation to a minimum. In the garden, you can very easily put up various types of fencing that doesn't look too offensive, but it provides that barrier between you and them. If it's a new home, you may want to have a think about the best type of fencing. There are so many different materials including vinyl, and the article Why Vinyl Fencing Might Be the Best Option for You (and Why It Might Not Be) is a good place to begin.

Stop Minor Problems Before They Become MASSIVE Problems

This all depends on the type of neighbors that you are. For example, if you plan on throwing a party, plenty of notice is always a good idea. Even if they are people that you may not think would take too kindly to this sort of event, perhaps you can give them a verbal invitation or a card with your contact details. And if there's an issue, rather than them calling the police, they can call you.

Check In With Other Neighbors

The fact of the matter is that maybe they are just those type of people that no-one like. It's worth checking to see if anybody around the block is having issues of a similar ilk with them. They could provide you with some solutions to resolve it, so at the very least, you know that you are not alone! If you know one of the neighbors that's close to the neighbor in question, and there have been a few issues for a while, maybe they can come with you to help resolve things, or at the very least, be an impartial witness.


It's obvious, but if there are issues between the two of you, and you haven't spoken about it, it may be very simple just to talk about it openly, rather than being passive-aggressive. One of the major problems with neighbors is that we feel that we need to be passive-aggressive, rather than speak our true feelings because we think that we may cause problems by being honest. It's certainly worth considering.


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