Top 3 Services Your Small Business Should Be Outsourcing

Outsourcing has developed a bad rep throughout the years in the media. Some people think outsourcing means using unethical foreign business practices, avoiding taxes, or not having complete control over their business. Which could not be further from the truth. Maybe outsourcing makes you feel shameful because you no longer can handle all the duties of the day to day operations anymore. Though I am here to tell you outsourcing is the most cost effective, efficient, and prosperous way to scale your business, while building trusting and beneficial partnerships. If you find yourself needing to outsource some of your business's operations that means your business is growing! Which is a good thing right! Finding the right people to help aid in your business's growth is key when outsourcing.

With the power and convenience of today's technology, software, online security and more, it's easier than ever for people, just like me as a single mother, to live a well balanced professional and flexible lifestyle. You can now outsource some of your business's day to day tasks to a freelancer right in your own back yard. Well, maybe not your neighbor, but in the same city, state, or country for sure! I have recently taken my consulting business full time after realizing being chained to a desk with a boss breathing down my neck for 40+ hours a week just wasn't sparking joy anymore. I have been consulting and developing small business as a passion project and professionally on and off for almost a decade and today I am going to share with you the top three things a small business owner should outsource once your business has outgrown a solo operator.

1. Finances

Financial Services is probably one of the first things any small business should be outsourcing, unless you are a financial expert yourself already. If not, then you will need someone to keep the books straight, prepare documents for the end of the year taxes, pay employees, and maybe even order inventory. Managing finances is a make or break for any business. The IRS claims that more than 40% of small business are charged penalties and fines for incorrect and/or late filings every year. It's beneficial to have a trusted financial adviser on your side. For a list of Business & Financial Services offered view the consulting page above.

2. Fulfillment

Does your business handle online orders? Then a warehouse and / or a fulfillment center may be in your future. This not only reduces overhead costs, but speeds up the shipping and receiving process and improves overall customer service. Since you will be outsourcing to an expert in this industry they can accommodate your growth as it comes along. Heavy order seasons like holidays or even increases during sales. The type of fulfillment center you choose will greatly be determined by the business you are in. Comment below your favorite fulfillment resources.

3. Marketing

The power, whether we want to admit it or not, of social media and having a strong online presence is more powerful now, than ever before, for small and up and coming businesses. For small businesses maybe it's not the best use of resources to hire a full blown PR team right off the bat. A recent survey states that small business owners are spending part time hours roughly 35+ a week on online marketing and social media. That doesn't leave a lot of time to get the rest of the activities done that go into running a small business. Consider automating your online and email marketing with services like constant contact or mailchimp. Maybe look into local freelance photographers and see if they are offering online marketing services.

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