The Big Balance! 3 Ways To Consider Being A Working Parent At Home

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Anybody that works at home knows the importance of maintaining a delicate balance. But when you have kids, and you work at home, it can be one of the biggest struggles you will ever undergo! There are so many people that think working from home should be easy, but those people have never done it! Working from home can be great just as long as you have the right balance in place. But it's not just about ensuring you have the professional balances in place; it is also about making sure that the other components are intact as well.

Prioritize Your Health

Working at home means that you've got to fly by the seat of your pants on occasion. And this means that you could very easily wire yourself for stress if you're not careful. You've got to make sure that your health is a priority over everything else. When you feel various stresses and tensions, you have got to make sure that you aren't taking them into other areas of your life. This means that you've got to be operating as helpful as possible. You can do this by checking your blood pressure values but also making sure that you are genuinely happy in what you do. Your health is something that you need to maintain because if you don't look after, it can decline pretty quickly, which means that it can take a lot longer to get back up to speed!

Put A Structure In Place

If your children are in school, you've already got a structure, but when your children are younger, trying to get anything done can be incredibly time-consuming and more complicated than it needs to be. This means that you've got to put some sort of structure in place. It's about finding out the boundaries that your children are crossing and enforcing stronger ones. When your children don't listen to you, and you've got work to do or an important meeting, you've got to be forthright and lay down the law. This could very well mean that you are the bad guy, but it's a crucial component to ensure that you get the work done! Ultimately your employers or clients don't care that you have children at home. They just want the results.

Always Plan For Disaster

If you know the worst-case scenario so you can plan for it better! If you've got a baby that's only able to sleep on you, but you need to type up numerous reports having dictation software can mean you are able to get the words done! It's an incredible lifesaver, especially when you're not able to use both your hands! If you prepare for the worst-case scenario, you will always have a solution. When children don't care about your working day or they don't respect your boundaries, it's not fair for you to hold it against them. But ultimately, you need to get the work done!

It's an incredible balance that you need to get right, and it may not be a rigid structure every single day, and sometimes numerous spanners are thrown into the works, but if you can figure out how to work under each eventuality, you can be someone who works at home with the right balance.

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