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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

It does not matter who you are, or what position you are in, an unforeseen circumstance has the power to knock us all off our feet both literally and figuratively. Each of us has our own rhythm, which is our coping mechanism for the world as it is right now — getting up at a particular time, going to bed, etc. However, the sad fact of life is that at any time, something can come along and change anything. This could be from a physical accident, a loss of a job, or a loved one, or something more societal based, such as a recession. Things change. Nothing stays static. This is the fact of life. You need to prepare yourself emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially for the worse. So, we have given this problem a little thought, and come up with a few tips and advice that may help see you through if you are ever hit by hard times.


If you are going to survive life in general, you need to be aware of the fact that things change. We age, we get ill, etc. Life is impermanent. Acceptance of this change, of the wavering nature of life, needs to be with you, in your mind, throughout. When you are living a good life, be grateful for it, know that it could change at a moments notice. If you can master the art of acceptance, when change occurs, you will already be one step ahead mentally and emotionally. You would have already, in theory at least, suffered the shock that will occur if you do not accept that things can get worse at any moment.

Build your finances

The best advice here is to try and remain debt-free, and build up some savings. Most people have mortgage debt, but if you can build savings, and get some mortgage insurance, you will be protected if you are made redundant, or lose your job through an accident or something. Get smart and become responsible. Accept your position and live within your means. Try to spend less each month than what you earn. Budget and learn how to live frugally. If something big does occur in your life, a huge credit card debt can drag you down and will cause you even more stress than you have already.

Think before you act

When the unexpected does occur, do not rush into making any big decisions. You may be feeling very emotional, and perhaps you have a personality which forces you to act quickly. But in times of crisis, acting quickly without going through the process of rational thought is not advised. The repercussions of making a wrong move in these times is heightened, as things are already bad. The severity of a wrong move can depend upon the circumstances. However, with something like the loss of a loved one, please do not go around family members home laying blame. A move like this will not make you feel better and could destroy any relationship you have with that person for the foreseeable future. If you are coping with a loss of this kind, come to terms with it at home. Then go out and discuss things with family members once you have calmed down. All the logistics, the Funeral Stationery and arrangements can be addressed as a team at a later date.

Stay strong and think positively

It may be difficult, but you need to try and remain positive. Life is what it is. In a way, you have no choice but to accept it. If you are coping with an illness, for example, if you can try and see the silver linings, and keep your spirits up, it can actually help in your recovery. The way you deal with things mentally is always something within your control. It may be an idea to try and start meditating and taking time out to think. Your state of mind is a huge factor in an unforeseen circumstance, and whether or not you allow that unexpected event to make you or break you. Even if you lose everything, including your partner through a messy divorce, although hard at the time, try and learn from it. Life is a lesson, and not all change is bad. In fact, it can be very good. Perhaps it can give you a chance to observe yourself through other eyes. Maybe you were a little too materialistic. If this is the case, then change can be good for the soul. A huge rupture in your life can allow you the time to reflect. In this sense, you might wonder why you would want to live one type of life when you could live twenty. In addition, if you are going to be getting out of an awful financial situation, never be too proud to do anything that comes along. Pride does come before a fall. If you can make money in the interim doing something you wouldn’t have looked twice at yesterday, just do it. Same goes for a place to live.

Make a new plan

Once the dust has settled a bit, and you have had time to reflect and ponder and have started to come out the other side, you can begin to make future plans. You will have a better idea of where you are, and with that knowledge, you can build a new life. Take the initiative and incrementally begin to make things better. Fix your resume, for example. Build relationships with people. You may find that depending on the circumstances you have gone through, that a self-help group may be useful. You will be able to discuss what has happened and get ideas on how best to proceed. Learn to focus on the next step, and don’t obsess about what you once had. The way out is forwards, you will not develop as a person if you continuously think about what could have been. Again it is all about mindset, so be strong and resilient. Life will teach you everything you need to know to survive if you let it.

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