Updated: Aug 17, 2020

When you head to work, you should find yourself in a safe and comfortable environment where you can carry out the agreed tasks in your contract and take home pay that can provide you with a good quality of life. You shouldn’t have to experience any form of injustice or grievance while doing this. If you do, it’s important that you stand up for yourself to ensure that things change. Here are just a couple of steps that you could take in unfair situations!

Challenge Employers’ Injustice

When you are taken on as an employee by an individual or a company, the people at the top have a responsibility over your overall well being. They legally have to take certain steps to reduce the chances of physical, mental, or emotional harm from coming to you while you are at work. If you feel that your employer is being prejudiced towards you, you should seek legal help. If you experience an accident or injury in the workplace that occurred as a direct result of your employer’s negligence or malpractice, you should look into personal injury claims filed by a lawyer. In short, take legal action. This is the form of action that your employer will have no choice but to take seriously. Chances are that they will rectify their behavior as soon as they have to pay you compensation. This benefits you, as you will be able to use the money to help put wrongs to right, but it also helps other employees, as changes in your employer’s behavior will prevent them experiencing similar negative behavior.

Contact HR

It’s not always necessarily going to be your employer who causes you grief or trouble in the workplace. Sometimes, it will be your own colleagues. This can be disheartening - after all, you’re meant to function as a team who work together and support each other. But not to worry. There are ways to work your way around workplace conflict with fellow employees. Sometimes, you may be able to put conflict to rest yourself. Consider sitting down with individuals who are causing trouble and try to resolve whatever grievances you have. If they won’t listen and aren’t willing to be civil, you might want to raise the issue with your workplace’s HR department. HR stands for “human relations” and part of the individuals in this departments’ role is to alleviate workplace dramas. It may feel odd getting someone else involved in your own arguments, but they will act as a neutral body and will be able to ensure the right action is taken to make matters better. It is extremely important that you contact this department if another colleague has been prejudiced or aggressive towards you.

These different courses of action will help to improve your workplace for you and the others around you. So don’t hesitate to implement them when necessary!

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