Say Goodbye to the MLM and Hello to Professional Flexability

The need for multiple streams of income and/or professional flexibility in today's world is in higher demand than ever. Prices of goods, housing, and resources increase while wages are slowing slugging behind. Almost everyone loves a good side hustle, but who really wants to be the Facebook friend pushing yet another chemical filled weight loss supplement or pricey cosmetic item? Not me that's for sure. MLM and Network Marketing businesses get a bad rap due to their poor marketing structure. Independent representatives have the freedom and are encouraged to bombard their online friends list and family's however they wish, and that almost always leads to those annoying cringe worthy cold messages and comments on your latest Instagram post.

Now, I'm not a hater of direct sales companies. Their are a few diamonds among all the ruff. I belong to two currently, Melaleuca a wellness company with home, pantry, and lifestyle products and Zyia Active a premium activewear company with the best leggings I've ever put on my mom bod, but mostly I just joined for the perks and discounts. Direct sales is a tough way to make money if you ever end up making any at all. But what if you could have the same freedoms a direct sales company provides, without having to push a gimmicky product? What if you could build a professional, flexible, and highly profitable business at home around your college schedule, family, or even within your retirement years?

What if their was a way to earn an honest, real, five to six figure income in your pajamas? Well I am here to tell you that you can do just that! Today's technology and cyber security in cloud based programs has allowed traditional office based careers to now have the availability to be done remotely. The financial industry is going in a more virtual direction. You may have noticed the last time you walked into your local bank or checked the balance on your credit card with an mobile phone app. Due to the virtual revolution administrative office jobs are now being fulfilled by freelance professionals. This saves the company money and resources while granting professional flexibility to remote workers.

Bookkeeping and payroll processing are the first duties a small business owner will typically outsource. This is due to the time it takes, and the need to stay compliant with federal and state standards. With this combination of business outsourcing and cloud based accounting programs I have created the step by step guide on how to build and scale your very own home bookkeeping business.

My Home Bookkeeper Masterclass goes along side the #1 accounting program in the nation and shares with you how I personally built and scaled my very own bookkeeping practice from the comforts of home. Within the masterclass you'll learn what it takes to be a home bookkeeper (no fancy degrees, previous experience, or vigorous expensive training required). If you can write a check, update your social media status, or use a calculator, YOU CAN DO THIS. Also, a walk through on how to gain your first clients, the tactics I personally used to scale my own business, a study guide to aid you in passing the FREE pro-advisor certification exam, and a business resource guide full of my favorite products and tips!

I am still a home bookkeeper to this day. It's what I love to do and how I provide for my family. I just recently purchased a new SUV and my partner and I bought our first home. I work when my toddler is home being a dinosaur, playing with his Tonka trucks, or taking a nap. You don't need a quiet office space, since this isn't a client or customer facing career. Becoming a home bookkeeper is ideal for anyone who wants professional flexibility, a part time job or full time career, moms who need to work around their family's schedules, military spouses who often relocate, and even retirees who need a non labor intensive job they can do from home. Basically, you can work whenever and where ever you wish as long as you're able to be connected.

If you are interested in more information on becoming a home bookkeeper than feel free to enroll in my self paced online Home Bookkeeper Masterclass. I can't wait to have you as one of my virtual students and guide you along your freelance journey in ditching the MLM for a real, highly profitable, professional, flexible opportunity!

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