Updated: Aug 17, 2020

We are spending hours a day on them. They take our friends and us from place to place. We reach great speeds in them. And before we can use one, we dream about what it will be like. What are we talking about? Cars, of course! A big piece of freedom that we get the joy to drive.  But you want to make your car as safe as possible. 


Tires are one of the most essential features. When you hit the brakes, you have to know two things - one your brakes are in perfect condition and 2 your tires are at a high standard too. Your tires should, therefore, be maintained very well. Here are a couple of things you can do to keep your tired healthy: Keep an eye on the tire pressure

Check the tread depth in between yearly checks

Rotate your tires. This stops any tire from getting worn just in one space and unevenly.  If you live somewhere where there is a lot of snow, then you should think about getting the tires changed with the seasons. 


Many people have a chip in their window and assume that it will be fine. But that little chip can quickly shatter, causing horrific results. Another issue that people who drive long distances or in sunny countries is actually sunburn. We don’t often think about the impact of the sun while we are driving beyond wearing sunglasses. You can add an extra layer of protection and coolness to the car with something like a ceramic window tint


Of course, the most obvious thing for making your car safer is you. If you don’t know the speeds in a particular area, then stick to the minimum. Google Maps, Waze, and usually, your satnav will be able to tell you the speed for most areas. If you know the route you are taking, you can plan which areas require which speed from you. If you have the option for you, SatNav, to vocally alert you to the speed in the area, then do so. Waze will make a noise when you go over the speed limit too. This means you don’t need to look directly at the screen. 

Seat belt

Many people start the engine up and begin to roll the car along before they have their seatbelts on. What is worse is some older cars don’t let the driver know that not everyone has their belts on. So incorporate a belt check before you drive off. 


It is easy to get distracted when you don’t have everything arranged before you set off on your journey. Hooking your phone up to the Bluetooth to play music, the playlist set, the route done, children all strapped in, and everything packed. It is essential that you minimize the things that can make you stop looking at the road for even a second.  Make your car safer has a lot to do with you as a driver too. Going back to basics, getting regular check-ups, and driving safely all contribute to care safety. 

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