How To Get Your Dog To Listen To Your Commands

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

People can make dog training look so easy. You go for a walk in the park and see dog owners getting their pups to do everything they command. There’s no resistance from the pet, they respond almost instantly. Then, you try this with your dog, and you’re met with playful resistance. It can be frustrating, but there are things you can try to get your dog to listen to you and respect your commands.

Before we dive into these things, you should also be aware that some dog breeds are easier to train than others. So, keep that in mind if it still takes a while before your dog responds to you!

Now, here’s what you can try to inspire more loyalty and respect from your pup:

Use A Prong Collar

Prong collars are slightly contentious among dog owners. Some people think they’re not good for the dog, while others see them as one of the best training devices around. In my eyes, they’re perfectly fine to use on dogs, just as long as you know what is the practical purpose of a prong collar. This way, you’ll understand the correct way to use them, so you don’t end up hurting your pet.

In essence, a prong collar can be used to discipline your pet when they don’t respond to you. This happens by tightening the pressure around their necks when they’re on the collar. It sounds harsh, but it’s actually meant to replicate the feeling of the dog’s mother disciplining them. Basically, they learn that they’re doing something wrong, and will quickly respond to what you say and be more obedient.

Give Them Rewards

Rewarding your dog for good behavior is one of the simplest ways to gain obedience. It’s such an easy concept; tell your dog to do something, then give them a treat if they obey. Make sure you use somewhat healthy treats as you don’t want to stuff your dog full of unhealthy rewards every time they sit for you!

All you have to do is give your family dog a command, then reward them if they follow it. Slowly but surely, your dog realizes that they’re being rewarded for doing a specific thing. Eventually, they start listening to you even when no treat is offered.

Try Clicker Training

Alongside the treats, you could also adopt clicker training. This follows a similar approach, only you use a special clicker to train your dog as well. Whenever your dog does something right and follows your instructions, you press on the clicker. They associate the sound with something good, and you follow this with a reward.

It should reach a point where you no longer even need treats, and the clicking sound is the only ‘reward’ your dog needs. There’s a video linked above that explains clicker training in a bit more detail and shows how it works.

Training your family pet can be pretty challenging. However, you shouldn’t give up! The sooner you can train your dog and make it obedient, the better your life will be. So, try these tactics to improve your relationship and raise a dog that listens whenever you give commands.

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