Getting a dog is often a huge decision, but it could also be the best decision you make. Although you shouldn’t get a dog if your lifestyle wouldn’t allow it, getting a dog under the right circumstances could be just what you need in order to feel healthier and happier. Dogs can seriously improve our sense of comfort and well being, and you can do the same for them in return - especially if you choose to adopt a rescue rather than shop!

Let’s take a look at why this could be a good idea for you:

Dogs Can Be Good For Your Emotional Health

There are a few studies out there that suggest that dogs and their owners can have a bond that is just as strong as human family members. The emotional connection you often feel with your dog is very real and can have a profound impact on your life. Many people may say ‘It’s just a dog’ or ‘it’s not actually your child’ but the bond feels like it’s exactly that. 

Dogs Improve Your Mood

As well as feeling connected to your dog, they actually improve your mood when you spend time with them. Sure, they love you unconditionally and want to make you happy, but this isn't the only reason. Studies suggest that dogs can lessen the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Simply walking with your dog or petting your dog could help you to feel better if you’re suffering from a case of low mood. They are a wonderful source of comfort. 

Dogs Can Help You To Be More Social

While you may have built a profound connection with your dog, they aren't the only living being you should be interacting with. Dogs can help you to be more social, whether you’re walking them in the park or chatting to fellow dog owners about the best brand of Shiba Inu dog food. You should find it much easier to meet fellow dog lovers and you may even make some friends. Setting your dog up on play-dates could be a great idea to help them get socialized, too. When you get a dog, you can easily become a more prominent part of the community! 

Your Dog Can Help To Improve Your Fitness

Dogs can help people to enjoy a better level of fitness. No need to force yourself to go to the gym when you can simply plan a long, relaxing walk with your dog. You’ll be walking outdoors more, providing you select a breed that likes regular walks and exercise. You may also want to try another type of sport with them, such as running or even biking. In studies, dog owners tend to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, both reducing the risk of heart-related illnesses. 

Is a house a home without a dog? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. Whatever you do, make sure you do plenty of research on breeds that will suit your lifestyle, and always look to adopt before shopping! 

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