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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

If you’ve recently adopted a dog, you’ve probably noticed significant differences in your day-to-day life. The first and most significant of all is that you’ve got now a friendly pooch waiting for you to get back home. The simple thought of their loving eyes can make your day at the office feel a lot smoother! But there’s more to pet ownership than having a new furry friend. Every pet owner knows that you get your fair share of new responsibilities when you get a dog.

Indeed, you need to make sure your pet is happy and healthy. As such, you have to take vet appointments seriously. This is the first thing that takes dog owners by surprise. Not only can vet appointments be expensive, but they are also time-demanding. But there is no way around, so it’s an area where you need to bend your lifestyle to make time and money for your dog. Changing your lifestyle is detrimental to your relationship with your pooch. And, more often than not, that means scheduling time to play with them and take them out, every single day. However, improving your lifestyle isn’t enough to help your dog adjust to their new life. It would help if you also considered some home improvement works to keep your pooch happy. After all, dogs spend the major part of their lives at home, so it’s time to make it work for them:

Can you trust those sliding doors?

If your patio doors are getting old, it’s fair to say that you might experience some troubles keeping them safely shut. Previous generation sliding doors, especially, can offer little resistance to an impatient dog. You’d be surprised how quickly your pup learns to push the door open! However, if you don’t want to chase your dog around the neighborhood each day or leave the house exposed while you’re at work, it’s a good idea to check what you can do with those old sliding doors. Ideally, you want to consider replacement with the latest generation solutions. If this is the case, our go to patio door dealer for the job is a specialist of energy-efficient designs. Indeed, the best solution for patio door replacement is a unit that keeps your dog indoors and your energy bills down, the best of both worlds!

Protection from the rain

If you prefer to let your dog play in the garden during the day, it can be useful to consider the addition of a covered patio or pergola. Ideally, the structure needs to be planned not only for shade but also for weatherproof protection, which will ensure that your dog can find shelter during a rainy day. Our tip for this is a transparent perspex roof with UV resistance, which keeps your dog dry on bad days and adds a protective layer against harmful UV rays. Additionally, you can leave food and water under the covered patio for the day with the knowledge that your dog will be safe while you’re at work.

Underfloor heating is a must

When you sleep on the floor, feeling a little warmth through the parquet could make a massive difference to your comfort. Most vets agree that prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can facilitate arthritis and rheumatism in dogs. If you want to make sure your pooch can make the most of life, then underfloor heating becomes a tangible option for your household. Contrary to common belief, using underfloor heating is not more expensive than your traditional heating solutions. In fact, it might even save you a lot of money in the long term! Besides, unlike electric radiators, underfloor heating is less likely to dry out the air, which means your home can maintain healthy humidity levels. The moisture in the air needs to remain between 30% and 50% to keep your family and your dog healthy.

A walk-in shower

While cats are very particular about their hygiene and like to wash frequently, dogs, on the other hand, are a little bit more relaxed about it. Your dog doesn’t wash, that’s why it’s your job to bathe your pet once a month. Typically, most dogs feel uncomfortable climbing in the tub or trying to maneuver their ways inside a small shower booth. You can improve their bath time experience and make your life a lot easier with a walk-in shower. It’s the best solution to keep your dog clean and fresh without splashing the entire bathroom with water and dog-friendly soap. Not only can your walk-in shower accommodate dogs of all sizes, but it’s also comfortable enough to create a routine they would look forward to!

Stairs are the worst

Unless you live in a bungalow house or an apartment, it’s impossible to avoid stairs. But, if you can’t do without them, you can at least work your way around uncomfortable and unpleasant staircase solutions. Indeed, dogs typically dislike open-back stairs that let them see what’s underneath their paws. Instead, you should consider the addition of a panel to close the steps. Similarly, it’s also a good idea to encourage your dog to sleep downstairs.

A dog room just for them

Did you know that one of the reasons why you can’t train your dog out of the habit of sleeping in your bed is because you haven’t made a bedroom for them? Your dog needs a place where they can relax and rest. Admittedly, using the guest room as a dog room might seem a little much. But you can turn an unused nook into a cozy space with a dog mattress and some decoration, for instance. For small breeds, you can even make the most of existing rooms, such as the laundry room, to add a small area without disturbing the room. If you want to give your pet some privacy to sleep undisturbed during the daytime, you can try adding a child’s teepee with a small mattress. These are perfect for hiding chewed toys and muddy blankets too!

Adopting a dog is a commitment you need to be ready to embrace. Aside from financial matters and the necessary lifestyle changes, you also need to think about how your home will affect your pooch’s health. Sometimes a little touch of comfort can go a long way to make the household more welcoming for everyone!

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