Winter is long and cold but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun! While you might not be quite so game for a night on the town, hosting dinner parties and having fun at home with your friends can be just as fun. 

Cozying up in the heat is a great way to see out the long winter nights and people generate a lot of heat all by themselves. So, get your heating and cooling system together, throw some delicious food in the oven and let’s get the party started.

Movie Night

Movie night is one of the easiest ways to hang out with friends for free. There are tonnes of movies you can watch online and absolutely no need to go out to get a rental. The real advantage of winter movie nights is that you can make your house feel cozy with candles, snuggle up in blankets and you won’t have any sun glare on the screen. 

Snacks are obviously essential and there are plenty of grown-up movie snack recipes around. Popcorn is a must as is chocolate but you might like to branch out by making up some popcorn bars or even jazzing up your Jell-O with champagne. Get everyone to bring their favorites and dig in. 

Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party is a lovely way to get together and share some warming winter food. While it can be expensive to host a party, there are lots of delicious recipes that you can make easily and your friends will love without breaking the bank. Now is a great time of year to go all out on filling meals and adding a little spice will heat things up nicely. 

Dinner parties are also a great chance to show off your lovely home so make the most of setting the table properly and, again, candles are your best friends. If you don’t want all the hassle of cooking, suggest doing a bring a plate party where everyone cooks something different and you all share. This is brilliant if you have a large party of friends and will take the financial and organizational burden right off your shoulders. 

Games Night

Just because you can’t go out to meet people doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get to socialize. Hosting a games night and asking your friends to bring a plus one you don’t know is a brilliant way to broaden your social circle and get to know new people.

  There are loads of different games you can play to break the ice and have fun. Games like Pictionary are ideal for getting everyone involved but if you want to get more personal, a game of Never Have I Ever is always fun. Of course, there are plenty of board games or video games you could play too!

Staying in doesn’t have to mean a full season of social Siberia. When your house is warm and there’s food cooking, throwing your doors open to friends is a great way to keep each other going.

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