Cutting the Cost of Being A Single Parent: One Day At A Time

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Parenthood is a wonderful journey. However, like anything else in life worth having… It’s far from easy. In an age where the economy seems like a wily and unpredictable creature and no our wages never quite measure up to the cost of living no matter how hard we work, parenthood is a more financially taxing and worrying proposition than ever before. Worse still, it looks as though we’re passing our money worries on to our kids. Money worries make us worse parents. They make us stressed, short tempered, resentful, emotionally volatile and can even make us inferior to the parents of our kids’ peers. We worry about being able to give our kids the things they want that their seemingly infinitely wealthy friends have. When you’re a single parent, these financial worries and insecurities are compounded.

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