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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

If you want to make your cleaning routine smarter, you have to make sure that your interior design is as simple as possible. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have nice things on display or choose fancy fabrics - it just means that if you want to clean your whole house in as short a time frame as possible, you might need to rethink which items are essential. 

Flat, open surfaces are always going to be the easiest places to clean, which is why minimalism is so popular. It’s the ideal style for anyone who can’t be bothered with dusting knick-knacks or lifting things up to clean underneath. But while minimalism is a good place to start, there are a few more tricks to have up your sleeve.

Lift Off the Floor

The first rule of easy cleaning is to ensure that your floor is as easy to get around as possible. To do this, you should choose a sofa with relatively high legs that your hoover can reach underneath, consider a wall hung toilet in the bathroom and even look at custom bathroom vanities you can fit your mop under.  Another good trick is to box units in the kitchen so that there’s no need to clean underneath, just go around. When you aren’t wasting time trying to get into awkward spaces to clean, you’ll find that your chores go much faster, even with your bathroom hacks in motion.

Go Up to the Ceiling

Open shelving looks gorgeous but goodness, it is laborious to clean! Just as you should box in any units at ground level, you should also maximize vertical space and take any cupboards you have right up to the ceiling. This will reduce the amount of dust you have to contend with and will provide a cleaner feel overall.  Your bedroom is another great space to maximize vertical space and designing built-in furniture to exactly fit the room is a brilliant idea. To make the most of the space, put the things you use every day within easy reach and then use the upper levels to store light but bulky items like blankets and spare pillows.  

Minimize Your Cleaning Products

When you look at your cleaning products, it’s likely that thought the packaging is different, you really have multiple versions of pretty much the same thing. Bathroom and kitchen spray are broadly interchangeable and wipes are just the same spray impregnated into some plastic-based fabric. The reality is that all you really need is vinegar, baking soda and lemon. These three ingredients will cover most of your basic cleaning needs and will prevent you from having to lug several products around the house. Plus, as these products are single ingredients, you don’t need to worry about harmful toxins. A half vinegar, half water spray can tackle most things and baking soda is brilliant for removing stains and cleaning the oven. Lemons are also surprisingly versatile and can be used to remove stains, limescale and even polish furniture.


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