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It's official! The winter season is now upon us! You don't need us to remind you of this, of course, as you are probably feeling the winter chill already. Heck, you might have spotted the first glimpses of snow as well!

Now, if you're feeling low because of the colder climes and the darker nights, we appreciate the way you're feeling. It might be because of seasonal effective disorder, which can affect any one of us. Or it might simply be because you're missing the warm days on the beach, and the fact that you have finally laid your summer wardrobe to rest for another year.

Whatever the case, here are some suggestions on how you might beat your winter doldrums.


#1: Get your house in order

If the chilly drafts of the season sweep through your home, and if your house suffers from damage because of the wind and rain, your mood is obviously going to take a dip. Not only will you be forced to dress up like a snowman (or snow-woman) when you're sat in your living room, but you might also be forced to pay for repairs that the bad weather has caused. To save yourself these hardships now is the time to get your house in order. Call out the professionals to install house siding to protect your home from harm. Pay for the necessary fixes to your roof, doors, and windows. And consider any other renovations that are needed to make your stay at home a comfortable one this winter. 

#2: Have fun at home

Who says the winter months have to be boring? Sure, you might be stuck indoors for longer than you would like, but your home can still offer you opportunities for fun. Invite your besties around for parties and movie nights. Play board games with your family and friends. Finally enjoy the opportunity to catch up on your Netflix watch list and your reading list. Build a fire outside and roast marshmallows. And create a winter bucket list of activities that you know you will enjoy doing in the indoors and, as the winter days roll on, focus on doing at least one of these things each day to bring in the fun factor and lift your mood.

#3: Spend time outdoors

Not when there's a blizzard outside, of course. We wouldn't want you risking your life and limb for the sake of exercise and fun outdoors. But when the weather outside is less problematic, wrap up in your winter woolies, and go for walks with the family. Load your bikes on the car and journey somewhere scenic for a bike ride. If the snow does fall, enjoy it while you have it, with snowball fights and snowman building. And go ice skating if there's a rink near you, and take part in the outdoor festivities that could be happening in your local community as Christmas approaches. By spending more time outdoors, you will benefit both your physical and mental health, as the fresh air and exercise you will be getting will do you a lot of good. Especially when your mood is low indoors, getting outdoors (when it is safe to do so) is one of the best things you can do. 

#4: Consider a winter vacation

If the prospect of winter at home sends shivers down your spine, consider going away for the season. So, you might go abroad to sunnier climes where you won't have to experience the cold and the frost. Alternatively, if you're looking for some snow-based fun away from home, rent a cabin (or book a hotel) at one of these family-friendly destinations. You can then chill out (literally) against some fabulous wintry landscapes, and spend your days skiing and snowboarding and  luxuriating in any nearby hot springs. Whatever you decide to do, remember to book early, of course, to net cheaper prices and avoid disappointment.

#5: Think positive thoughts

Rather than dwell on the gloomy side of winter, focus on the positives. Remember that you have a home to come home too, as many people don't. Think about the snow and the magical way it can transform your landscapes. Think about the time you will be able to spend with your family cozied up inside. And remember that it's almost Christmas and the fun that you will be having with your nearest and dearest. There is much to be positive about in your life, so be grateful for these things. Your happy thoughts might then carry you through to the spring, with nary a cold heart or a down turned smile. 

Enjoy your winter!  😉


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