Do you find yourself constantly frustrated by the state of your blog? You’re not getting enough shares, traffic, or any form of engagement? It’s not unusual, but there are so many times that we’ve created a blog, and we think, “yep, that’ll do,” and we just wait for the numbers to roll in. It’s not going to happen! Instead, we shouldn’t view the blog as providing a service for us, but think more about what we can do to change the blog, so it does get more engagement and shares. Let’s have a look…

Shorten That Sidebar!

The sidebar on many blogs requires click after click to reach the bottom. Make it the same length as your landing page, and keep the information nice and concise. The mistake many people think about blog pages is “the more content, the better.” Well, in theory, that’s fine, as more choice is wonderful. But if you’ve got bloated web pages, full to the brim with odd articles about everything, it is harder to search through, so just make your content easy to view and access, and this means condensing that sidebar!

Give It Your Undivided Attention

The concept of time management is something that many bloggers severely lack in! And for those people, it’s understandable for the most part; they have jobs and families. But if this is your livelihood and you need it to earn you money, then for God’s sake, get your feet off the table and dig deep. Not just into the website to fix all of the burning issues, but dig deep into your pockets too! Many loans for small businesses can help you to iron out those problems, especially if you don’t have the tech to cope with the persistent bugs on your site. Take time out, pore over every fine detail, and take the perspective of a stranger. Ask yourself, “is this site any good?!” You already know the answer.

Build Bridges

There are some things you can’t do with Wix! Look at other bloggers and how they operate, and learn from them, but also form a relationship with them. Lots of people view other bloggers as the enemy, to be kept at a distance, but these people hold the key to helping you improve your writing and get your content to a wider audience. Some bloggers choose to burn their bridges, and this leaves them isolated when they lose traffic. Start to network, attend other blogging events, and learn about the craft. It’s ignorant to think that you have the skills, and many people fresh out of the gates will have this attitude, but be nice to the people you see on the way up because they won’t be so nice to you on the way down.

Do you know what your blog needs to improve? If you don’t, then you are not looking hard enough! Make your blog a constant canvas of improvement. From the writing to the marketing and everything in between. By understanding what you can do for your blog every step of the way, you will create a platform designed to grow and gain traction.

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