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12 Months In… Common Problems With A New Home

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Moving into a new home is a perfect beginning for many of us. Maybe you haven't had a place of your own before, and you've got grand plans to turn it into something cozy or a place to raise children. A new home is significant for so many of us, but that first year where you are slowly realizing your vision can highlight a few problems that, if left unattended, could get worse. As such, we need to know what to look for.

Wet Basements

If there is water in the crawl space or the basement, the likely culprit is from the roof. If the roof runoff isn't equipped with gutters, this will soak down into the foundation. You need to install gutters, but if there are issues with drainage, it is important to check that there are no internal leaks. You need to examine the property for any small watermarks. And if there's anything you could discover, there are emergency plumbing services that can help. With anything that is wet, even with moisture or condensation, you need to check that the internal plumbing is working and secure, but also check the roof for adequate runoff.

A Good Balance Of The Heating And Cooling System

Ensuring that the distribution of cold or warm air is proportional to each room’s loss or gain is vital. You can get a contractor to do this, but you can balance this yourself. The process includes opening all dampers, adjusting the room thermostat to a comfortable temperature, and observing thermometers in numerous rooms to check they're all the same. After that, you close the dampers slightly, and as the room cools or heats to the temperature you like, make a note of the damper settings. After all, we need to be comfortable in our home, and if we are too hot or too cold, we will never feel at ease.

Nail Pops

This is where the head of a drywall nail pops out of the wall and pushes the finishing compound loose. It leaves an unsightly lump, but it's easily fixable by putting the nail deeper into the wall, repainting the surface, and filling the crack, if needed. Sometimes, excessive popping needs a new paint job, but if it's a little, pop you may be able to get away with it!

Condensation Between The Window Panes

If the double glazed windows have interior storm panels that can be removed, this can cause condensation to slip between the two layers. This could be due to excessive moisture, or it could be due to the wet basement or crawl space. You can pump the moisture out with a pipe cleaner or wire every so often, as many windows have vent holes. If this continues, and you've got a crawl space, installing a perimeter tile leading and then draining the moisture out should solve the problem.

A new home is a new beginning, and as you slowly become acquainted with the issues of your specific home over time, it's vital to know some of the important ones before they become big issues.


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