Edj Consulting Group 
Policies & Disclosures 


This is an overview of all operational policies and disclosures for Edj Consulting Group and all Edj Consulting Group clientele. 


Office hours: Monday - Wednesday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm eastern standard time
This does not mean I do not work on weekends or evenings. So, you may see in the audit log or emails come through outside of office hours. This simply is a communication window where meetings can be scheduled and communications may be returned.

All communications must be held via email or scheduled conference call.
No personal cell phone calls or texts will be accepted.


All consulting requests have a 2 business day turn time for acknowledgement.. 
Client to Consultant

All client requests need to be acknowledged within 3 business days or a reminder will be sent. 
Consultant to Client

Please remember to keep communications professional and respectful. Failure to do so will result in your consulting services being terminated immediately waiving all rights to a 30 day written notice of cancellation and retainer will be forfeited. 

Services will be halted if invoices are not paid within the agreed upon billing terms found in your consulting agreement. Services will not resume until all open invoices are paid in full. A payment plan can be arranged if needed.

If you would like an itemized billing statement attached with your invoices please submit a request to emily@edjconsultinggroup.com. Allow one billing cycle for changes to go into effect. I do not do this typically as bookkeeping and payroll services are fairly straight forward and there is an internal audit log.

Billing Breakdown example: bookkeeping hours + payroll service hours + $120.00 payroll processing charge + number of reconciliations = total amount billed. 
1 hour per account reconciliation
This breakdown is an example of a client who has full service bookkeeping and payroll

Retainer: An upfront retainer is charged to secure Edj Consulting Group services. This retainer must be paid in full before any services are rendered. This retainer covers any invoices left unpaid or client service terminations within the agreed upon service term window outlined in the Consulting Agreement. 

Consulting Agreement: The consulting agreement must be completed in full and signed before any services are rendered. This agreement is a protection for the Business Owner as a Client and for Edj Consulting Group as the Consultant.

Collections: Any and all unsettled invoices will be sent to collections after 90 days past due. To avoid collections you may set up a payment plan. Email emily@edjcosnultinggroup.com for arrangements. Unsettled debts will be sent to collections immediately with receipt of a “refusal to pay”. Refusal to pay may be emailed, text SMS, post letter, said in a meeting or phone call. 

Chargebacks: If a Edj Consulting Group client attempts to dispute any previously paid invoices, all chargeback fees, time spent and costs will be added to the invoice. A written letter, copy of consulting agreement, payment authorization form, and all communications and past invoices will be sent in as a rebuttal against any and all chargeback claims. If the client's bank awards the chargeback, disputed invoices and all costs associated will be sent to debt collections for recovery.