The Home Bookkeeper

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The Best Work From Home Position For The Family Focused & Career Driven 

I fell in love with bookkeeping over my 10 + years working within the financial industry. Bookkeeping is, in my opinion, the best work from home, or anywhere, career for life focused professionals. You don't need a quiet space, there is limited to zero overhead as this is service based work, all you spend is your time, and the training if you are just starting out is free! My Home Bookkeeper Masterclass shares everything I personally used to start and scale my very own practice and comes with two options at the end of the class. You can leave the class and tackle the liabilities of business ownership or you can come on board to Edj Consulting Group and be apart of an ever growing dynamic team.

All Edj Consulting Group bookkeepers are vigorously vetted, continuously trained and educated to assure your compliance and satisfaction. 

Emily Dawn Jett, ceo

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PH: 385-251-8494

Based in Beautiful Ruby Valley, NV

Serving US Businesses Nationwide


For any out of state training contracts there will be an additional $1,500 charge for travel costs. Also, EDJ Consulting Group is not responsible for trainees passing their state examination nor is Emma Dawn's training services a guarantee of licensing.

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