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Your Full Service Business Advisors 

Edj Consulting Group is an exclusive collection of companies, designed to be a guiding light for entrepreneurs, as they fulfill their highest potential. Our goal is to provide you with a personalized boutique experience when outsourcing your company needs. Edj Consulting Group comprises three companies; Edj Consulting, Edj Staffing & The Home Bookkeeper. 

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With over a decade in the financial services industry, I decided to leave behind the 9 - 5 high rise corporate grind for a more personal and flexible lifestyle. I am now able to be an asset for the clients I desire to work with, while growing a dynamic team & being the mother I always wanted to be.

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Edj Consulting Group's client list is an exclusive group of clientele I am honored to work with. If you are interested in coming on board please take a look at the Consulting page and fill out our business assessment below. If you are looking at joining the EDJ Consulting Group team see the Team page.

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